Leading Software Development Company In India

The world today runs mostly on digital and virtual platforms. Most of the work that was done manually a decade or two back has been digitised today. This sophisticated world runs on silicon chips and billions of lines of code. This is when a software development company comes into use. Every little job that is performed on the desktop is possible because someone had taken the time to write thousands of lines of code. If you need to develop a piece of software that works properly in all conditions, you would need to get in touch with the best software development company in India.

When it comes to the world of software development, you definitely cannot leave the work to newbies. You need to get in touch with industry experts if you want to offer the best solutions. That is why we, the best software development company of Kolkata, are here for you. We offer software solutions in varying niches, allowing you to get complete assistance in all matters. We, at Prasum Net Technologies, have been in the software arena for a long time and cater to the requests of our clients. Whatever the problem be, the solution rests with us.

Software trends have taken a sharp turn in recent years. Nowadays most software is based on optimization techniques that take into account previous data. We have kept ourselves updated with all the developments that are going on around the world. We are one of the pioneers in the field. It is time for us to take you on a tour of the different software solutions that we offer and how this would benefit you in the long run. We are very competitive in our results and you would find that they adhere to your strict guidelines.

What Are The Software Development Services That We Offer?

We are the best software development company in Kolkata and there are lots of products that are on offer from us. Let us look at the range of products that we can let you enjoy and what you would get from it.

Product Development

Often the software is developed to create a defined set of interactions that you can have with customers. We often create software that can help to target a specific group of people and help them in performing a function. A lot of such needs arise in today’s world and we can deliver products that have such sophisticated needs. But there are definitely lots of challenges that come with such products. We would be working closely with you along the whole time to ensure that the products you receive exceed your expectations.

Mobile Development

The applications that run on mobiles are similar to those that can be found on personal computers or even workstations. If that is something that you require, we at Prasum Net technologies would be more than capable to help you out. Be it OS X, Windows or an Android-based system, the architecture that works underneath is quite similar. We have some of the most experienced software development and architect professionals working with us. This makes us one of the best software development companies in the country.

We create systems that can engage with customers in real-time and offer them the necessary information. Smartphones are redefining our lives today and everything that we can possibly imagine doing with our phones are being done with the help of sensors and crafty software. No matter who your target audience is or what you need to build, you can get in touch with us and have a discussion on what we can build together. You can drop in for a conversation or just reach us over mail.

Software Architecture

Creating software from scratch is not an easy process. It takes time, a lot of brainstorming and definitely a detailed architecture of how the software should be structured. Sophisticated technical capabilities are needed to create the platform which would enable the product to be used in multiple situations. A lot of choices need to be made about the design, framework, platform or standard. We help you make the right choices at Prasum Net Technologies and create a wonderful experience along the way. We have proved ourselves to be among the best over the years.

  • Architecture Analysis – It all begins with architecture analysis, which is basically the understanding of the environment where the proposed system or group of systems would be working. It even helps to understand the requirements of the system. Here we look at some of the key aspects like the functions of the systems once operational, the expected level of performance, development time, environmental contexts and business requirements.
  • Architecture Design – Architecture Design is the process that creates the architecture. The requirements are determined by the analysis, the results of the evaluation activities and the current state of the architectural design. The designs are created and improved through the process.
  • Architecture Evaluation – The process of Architecture Evaluation determines how well the current design or some of its portion would satisfy the requirements.
  • Architecture Evolution – Architecture Evolution is the process that maintains and adapts an existing software architecture so that the requirements and environmental challenges can be met.

Cloud Software Development

If we look at the global technological trends, most companies are trying to shift to software solutions. It is not always possible for companies or consumers to meet the hardware requirements to enjoy a particular solution. Cloud software development is critical which is mostly because it can offer the delivery mechanism that can help reach a wider audience. A simplified and centralized management is also possible at this time. However, it is not just the software companies that would benefit. There are new business models that would emerge as the organizations transition more products to the cloud.

We are the best software development company Kolkata and can help you to answer questions like how you can migrate your software solution to the cloud. We can even help you to implement a cloud-based application that is not only very usable but also quite secure. We can even help you to accelerate the innovation of your company to best leverage the cloud.

Software Testing

Though it does not directly fall under the category of software development, modern automation testing solutions have improved quite a bit. It might require the skills of a software developer to create the test scripts that can help you to check every nook and corner of the application.

At Prasum Net Technologies, we can actually help you to measure and improve the quality of your software. It is one of the activities that fall under Quality Assurance. The experts improve software quality by monitoring and continually improving the projects and processes. We augment the software quality by using the key metrics. We assess the performance and scalability of the software, offer process assurance. We analyze security risks and architectural risks as well.

  • Software QA & Testing – This niche covers the full spectrum of technologies and the testing methodologies. We help you to drive agility and quality in your organization by improving software development protocols.
  • Automation Testing – Today software releases have become much faster and we do not have to wait for years for new updates. There is a demand for increased quality and we do not have to pay a premium for efficient and effective testing. Automation is the only way to help you keep up with the fast world.

User Experience

Building a wonderful user experience is important that can exceed the expectations of your customer. A UX design is an integral approach that can help you to create products that solve the needs of a specific user. It even takes into account the habits, traits and expectations of the individual. The UX design processes and increase user satisfaction, ensure users’ engagement and enhance the values. The approach improves market competitiveness and optimizes the complex processes for applications. UX design would mean that there be more enriching and engaging experience through the website and application.

Why You Choose PNT For Software Development?

At Prasum Net Technologies, we are working hard every day to ensure that the solutions that we offer you are nothing less than the best. Let us tell you more about why you would find us the perfect answer to every software-related problem.

  • International presence – We have always kept our doors open to requests from all around the world. We have nearshore locations and are in constant communication with our clients. This means we are very productive and the costs on offer are significantly low. Our employees are working around the clock to ensure that the products can be delivered in time and we are ready to talk every time someone needs us. We are always making sure that the service we offer to our customers is very personalised. This is independent of the fact where they are located.
  • Advantageous Locations – We are located in the heart of Kolkata and are offering solutions to everyone in need of it. Our clients are in different time zones and we have figured out the most convenient way to keep in touch with everyone and bring out as much innovation to the desk as possible. We let you enjoy the product as it unfolds in our presence. There would be no surprises or missed schedules. This thing becomes very important when we are working with some important solutions. We have a passion for helping our clients reach the next level of innovation.
  • Project governance – When it comes to software development, we have seen that the performance is the best when the teams are being governed properly. We have an established Project Governance team. We have a committee that has a set of proven processes that ensure that the projects would stay on track and there would not be any unruly surprises. We also make sure that our clients are in touch with our executives. This helps to ensure that clients get the personal touch that helps them have a wonderful experience with us.
  • Flexible engagement models – At Prasum Net Technologies, you might be looking for different answers. Be it a new product that needs brainstorming and development efforts or extension of the functionalities and features of the existing software, we offer a flexible developmental model. The engagement is based on the specific needs you have. This is one of the very reasons why we are the best software development company in India.

We are a group of software engineering experts who serve as a centre of excellence. We are here to innovate and make the world a better and more convenient place to live in. We add technology talent to your project and make it a grand success.

  • Our Talent Development – We are proud to have some of the most talented and intelligent software professionals in the house. To ensure that you succeed in your project, we have put together a team of sophisticated and talented individuals who always gets the job done. At Prasum Net Technologies, we have a wonderful environment where the employees get proper training. This ensures that the individuals within the group are experts in their respective fields. We are always trying to improve on every little detail.

We understand the importance of continuity in engagements and consistency. We offer an environment that is very enjoyable. The end result is that you get better products that have been designed with the utmost care.

There are a lot of forces at work that makes Prasum Net Technologies one of the best software development companies in the country. If you would like to know more about our projects or you have something to discuss with us, feel free to get in touch. We are always eagerly waiting to make new friends along the way!