Prasum Net Technologies is an innovative IT Service, managed Outsourcing & Internet strategy company, with unique combination of Creativity and Technology. We are a cluster of dedicated teammates comprising of system Analysts, Software Developer, Designer, Web Programmer, and Graphic Designer for developing customized website design & development, mobile development and digital marketing. We provide IT solutions to the need of our customer.




15+ Passionate Professionals

Industries Served

Financial Service, Media, Publishing, Entertainment, Retail, Health, IT Services, Professional Services, Education, Others.


1,000+ square feet

Presence in

All over India
Our clients are from Forign also

Projects Delivered


Distributed Revenue

75% India [70% Kolkata, 30% Rest of India]

25% Forign

Core Services

Digital Consulting, Web Design & Development, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Cloud Infra

Super Team

At least 2x more productive

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