Get the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata With Prasum Net Technologies

Communication is a very important role in the field of marketing and strategy. Establishing a good bond with your customers is vital in your objective to grow in the industry. Currently one of the most efficient and popular ways of communicating with your customers is via SMS or Short Memory Service. An SMS is a very personal message that goes directly to the customers’ mobile phone and makes them aware of your services and products or any other announcement that you want to make.

The demand for bulk SMS service is growing in the industry and we at Prasum Net Technologies have successfully helped several clients to achieve the best bulk SMS service. Our team constantly works to offer our clients the best SMS service Kolkata and help them get the maximum exposure to their potential audience.

We offer affordable and efficient bulk SMS packages to our customers according to their budget and requirements. We have excellent growth strategies and make sure that the clients can increase their chances of attracting the most number of audience to their website and business.

Why PNT is one of the best in bulk SMS Service industry?

Prasum Net Technologies is one of the leading and popular bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata. With the most advanced bulk SMS components which include Online and API for several kinds of dialects and many others. We have been working with a lot of companies who have seen a positive response from the people who received the SMS on their phone.

We have always been focused on providing genuine and effective service to several companies. Most of them have been 100% satisfied with our service. If you are wondering why you should choose Prasum Net Technologies for bulk SMS services then have a look at these amazing points.

Experienced and Prolific Team

we have an excellent in-house team of proficient experts who work throughout the year to make our services more efficient. The members are specially selected based on their quality of skills and experience. So you will never face any kind of problem working with our team and even if you do, they are always ready to help you out and solve any problem.

Strategies Built With Excellence

our team members listen and note down all of your preferences from the very beginning. Based on such data and information we make efficient strategies which not only help you in the long run but also allow us to work accordingly. This means that we can guide and provide you with professional advice regarding the number of bulk SMS order you should give to us over the course of time.

Winning Mentality

our team members always carry with themselves a positive attitude and winning mentality. This allows them to work smart and hard on any project they are provided with. We are always ready to take up all the responsibilities of our clients and make sure that they get 100% support from our side and reach their targets. Everyone in our team of experts is ready to go the extra mile so that you can achieve your aims.

Innovative and Sophisticated Techniques

we know how important it is to implement modern techniques and sophisticated methods. Our bulk SMS service is directed towards one vital objective – to provide the maximum exposure. So we are always working on how the packages can be implemented with new techniques that will help to increase the client’s exposure.

Systematic Planning

our team of experts at Prasum Net Technologies always chalk out a systematic plan that helps to improve the situation in case any of the client’s idea does not work out. We provide you with backup plans on which you can rely on in order to get a cushion during difficult times. Our support is always with our clients.

Easy to Integrate API’s

the open programming interface of the API helps even the viewers and writers. Our API’s have been created in order to support our customers with the best in class service which is definitely much better than many of the competitors they are functioning in the market.

Excellent Customer Support

our customer support team is always available for helping you out in any problem you might be in. They are just a phone call away. Our support team consists of experienced and friendly staff who ensures that you have been successfully helped from our side. Our customer support number is also toll-free which makes it much easier for tourists to contact them.

Packages For All Budget

Moreover our bulk SMS package starts from absolutely cheap price and can reach up to a service that suits a premium budget very well. Whatever your budget is we have a solution for every one of our customer’s needs. So you can enjoy our services at the cheap without spending much money initially if you don’t want to.

So as you can see that there are so many different reasons because of which we have been one of the best in the industry. Our bulk SMS services have been very popular among companies who want to experience huge exposure and promote their products or services via SMS. At Prasum Net Technologies we aim for the highest objectives. Lots of clients tell us personally that PNT is the best SMS provider company in Kolkata.

Benefits of Sending Bulk SMS Via Our Company

At Prasum Net Technologies we have a very important goal in mind and our team members follow it dearly – work together, bring success and get the rewards for such a great performance and persistence. Most of our clients have provided us with positive reviews and feedbacks, so you would want to look at the benefits of sending bulk SMS to your potential customers.

  • Better Chances of Conversion – it has been found out that almost 98% of the people open their SMS and read through it at least once. Most of the people prefer reading an SMS than using their mail id to check out on their Gmail. Therefore with such huge potential for better conversion rate and your desire to reach the maximum views, SMS service form Prasum Net Technologies is the best. It guarantees higher website visitor footfall at the store.
  • Speed and Flexibility – we know how vital it is for companies to function and provide the customers to send an important notification almost immediately. With bulk SMS service from our company, you can send thousands of SMS with a few minutes from our servers. Therefore in case you organise a sale or a special event, your customers will be made aware of it as soon as you place the order. Multiple SMS can be created at the same time and thus, a huge amount of time is saved in the process.
  • Affordable and Low Cost – advertising on the TV or radio requires a huge budget which might not be available with you at this time. But the bulk SMS services provided by Prasum Net Technologies are very much affordable and available in different packages which suit the budget of every client. To prevent spending so much money on a TV ad or a banner and invest in a much quicker solution.
  • Can Be Sent To Targeted Audience – with the help of bulk SMS services from our company, you can target a specific audience of your choice. Businesses and agencies, nowadays look for targeting the particular section of people who might be genuinely interested in your services and products that you have in offer. This reduces the cost and also helps to prevent your customers from receiving spam messages. The targeted audience gets more interested and hyped about the offer.
  • Can be Personalised Extensively – the bulk SMS services offered at Prasum Net Technologies can be highly personalised. You can edit, modify and change them whenever you want to. They can be easily modified even seconds before their release. You can also create them depending on the previous pattern and history of specific customers. We charge no extra costs if you want to personalize your SMS and make sure you have the right one.

As you can see that there are so many different benefits of investing in a bulk SMS order. At Prasum Net Technologies we make sure that our bulk SMS services suit all your needs and especially the budget. You can enjoy all these above-mentioned benefits once you choose an SMS plan.

Final Words

100% genuine and certified company, Prasum Net Technologies have a brilliant reputation for providing with the most reliable bulk SMS service in Kolkata. From one thousand to one hundred thousand SMS, you can ask our team to provide you with the required amount of SMS that your company needs now.

So what are waiting for? Contact our customer support and check out the services we offer on our website. We are eagerly waiting for you to place your first bulk SMS order to our company. If you have previously taken our packages then please let us know about your experience and whether you are interested in doing the same again.

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